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Our city needs your help and solidarity.

To All Friends of the City of Berlin, Aviators and to whom it may concern:

Our city needs your help and solidarity.

60 years after the end of the Berlin Airlift, a group of communists and socialists are trying to achieve what they did not accomplish back in 1948-1949: the closure of Berlin’s airport, Tempelhof.

Former pilot Gail S. Halvorsen, who flew the famous “Candy Bomber”, recently said, “Tempelhof represents a symbol of victory for freedom and the first victory of the Cold War.” Tempelhof and its meaning to the citizens of Berlin are equal to what the Statue of Liberty means to the people of New York and all the citizen of the United States.
Built in 1923, it is the oldest airport in the world. For 85 years it was used extensively and loved by the citizens of Berlin. The technical standard is equal to the most modern facilities in the world. Architect Sir Norman Foster said, “Tempelhof is the mother of all airports.” In 1948, the Allied laid the foundation for freedom in Europe and the rest of the world and also showed Josef Stalin his limits.

What happened?

After the reunification of East- and West-Germany in 1990, the representants of the federal states Berlin and Brandenburg decided to build a Single Airport, needed by the region. At this time both countries intended to unite to a single federal state Berlin-Brandenburg. And the Single Airport should be build up by private investors, who were to beware of rival business. So the former Governing Mayor of Berlin agreed to close up the Berlin Airports Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Tempelhof when the Single Airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) will be ready to start.

The both intentions – the unite of the countries Berlin and Brandenburg nor the finance of the building by private investors – came true!
In contrary, the project “Single Airport-Model” will never be fulfilled. The location the governments of both countries selected is the old Airport of the German Democratic Republic at “Schönefeld” next to the southern Berlin boarder. The people living in the surroundings of Schönefeld went to the courts of justice, and they have won a lot of their complaints. This way, the “Single Airport-Model” won’t be a “hub” any more. There are allowed only two runways and 85 air traffic movings per hour. Besides those handicaps: night flights are forbidden!
In spite of those handicaps for the air traffic and the changed premises of the project, the Senate of Berlin stubbornly keeps on the resolution to close the City Airport Tempelhof three years before the new Singel Airport will be ready for start – maybe in 2011!

Until 1990, this airport was one of the most important political American airbases in Germany. Tempelhof is not only the symbol of Freedom and Peace but also a monument for the unification of the world. Located in the middle of the city of Berlin, on 954 acre, it is the 3rd largest building in the world. It would benefit the economy and the growth of the city.
Many investors from around the world showed interest to keep this airport open (for example Ronald S. Lauder und Fred Langhammer), but were never heard. Instead, the city government proposed to build apartments and other commercial facilities on this property and encouraged all airlines to move elsewhere.

The present government of the city of Berlin, consisting of the socialist (SPD) and communist (PDS) parties (Formerly SED of the GDR), decided to close this airport indefinitely on Aug. 31st 2008. To keep this from happening, the people of Berlin signed a petition and collected 203,408 signatures. 33,408 more signatures as needed to get this issue on the ballot to keep this airport open. The final decision takes place on April 27th 2008 when a total of 608,514 ballots are needed to overturn the closure of the airport. Only through pressure from the public is it possible to overturn the government decision. Our Mayor said on February 28th 2008 in the Lower House: "A popular vote is only one recommendation for me".

An initiative to keep Tempelhof operating was founded under the motto of former President John F. Kennedy: “Ich bin ein Berliner,” he said. “Don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” We will fight, but we need your help. We need your personal support. Our boys are fighting together in Afghanistan against terror and for freedom. The United States and Germany are bound by a friendship that reaches across the ocean. Berlin was former the outpost for the fight against communists. Today the citizens of Berlin fighting against socialist and communist party terror and now they need all the help they can get.

Please help us to keep our airport open. Tempelhof is the oldest airport of the world, the symbol of freedom and friendship with the USA and Great Britain. Write an email or send a letter to the following addresses and protest in all earnest against the closure of Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. Tell your friends about this scandal and help us in the international press.
Most of the Berlin people, about 70 - 74 % stands up against this purpose, but whether the Senate nor the Mayor are going to listen to the people – the sovereign!

With over 1,200 members, the “ICAT”, SPD Voters for Tempelhof” and “Be-4-Tempelhof” are, world wide, the largest movement for keeping an airport open. We are a non-profit organisation and run an election campaign for public vote to keep this famous airport Berlin-Tempelhof open. For this campaign we need very urgent money into our campaign funds. We please you, if you can, contribute with your donation to our campaign fund. You can send money via PAYPAL.COM to our account

Thank you very much for your assistance.
Stefan Klaus Dudzus, Chairman

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